Monday, August 27, 2007

The Rock in the Rapids

Speak! my soul, words unfathomable
Your ways are hidden, even from me.
Sing! my heart, lyrics eternal
I'll lift my eyes, God's glory to see.

Though in this mind, confusion reigns
I know the sweet sap of grace sustains.
Excitement and sadness hold hands and embrace,
The ways of a mans heart, who can trace?

O what to do with this desire to fight!
Why can't answers come into the light?
I am engaged in the battle of ages,
What words will I write on history's pages?

Here I am, swamped by life's enormity,
My heart so tempted by the call to conformity.
I thank God, there is a rock on which to stand
So I will rest in God's sovereign hand.

Shout! all creation, God is faithful,
The world may crumble, but God's mercy is sure.
Rejoice! boys and girls, salvation is here,
Despite all our sin, His love will endure.

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