Monday, September 3, 2007

A Call to Fight Lust

I wrote this poem about a month ago, before I started this blog, but I think it's still good, and has some good stuff to say. I know it's long, but hopefully interesting enough to make you read it.

‘Tis a strange thing
To look at the sky, and sing.
And in that same blue sky
Find the strength to mortify
Lust that in a man pervades;
Every thought of his invades.

Lust’s a strong, yet vanquished foe
For on the cross, Christ’s blood did flow.
Today I stood, by God’s grace
And spat in lust’s ugly face.
The battle raged within my mind
But Christ’s love I longed to find.

Come, my brothers, fight this lust
But not simply because we must.
‘Tis a vice that brings a man so low
That the joy of God he cannot know,
A life consumed by this sin
Decays away, from within.

O what sad and wretched fate
To have a soul that cannot love nor hate,
But is driven by this base desire,
To a soul, lust is the pyre
On which burns love, peace and joy,
It corrodes the soul of every boy.

The mind of one so deceived
To think this lust can be relieved
Will never live to see contentment,
But will always be delinquent.
O stupid man, foolish and blind!
You’ve let this lust control your mind.

I know! I know the power
Of the drive to spoil this flower,
I know the pain of fighting and losing,
Of having the chance, yet not choosing
A pure mind, a blameless life
And thus living in deep strife.

This page is stained with tears of failure,
I’ve been ashamed of my behaviour,
So these words aren’t without a heart
Instead with love they do depart.
I have been tempted to despond,
But I have seen the prize beyond.

There is yet hope for your eyes
No longer swayed by lust’s guise,
You can see past skin, to the soul
And hence view girls with control.
Men, can you not see?
This is true nobility!

But if this goal seems far too high
And from the depths you sigh,
Though your heart be black and carnal
The Lord has spoken words eternal:
“God shows his great love for us
By sending Christ to die for us”[1]

Ah sweet music to my ears!
Distils and breaks down all my fears.
While we still being dead in sin
God lifted us to be with him.
Mercy so great, and so sublime
Brings freedom from this sinful grime.

So now we stand, blameless in his sight
He listens to our desperate plight,
We men stand and cry as one
“Lord please help us overcome
The lust that threatens to devour,
Our appetite for you to sour.”

Walk the road, my brothers, my friends
Walk in the mercy that He sends.
Look always to the cross of Christ,
The power of it will suffice
To give you strength to turn those eyes
And see through all the devil’s lies.

O look ahead to see the gain
Of life free from bondage and pain,
With pure eyes, real beauty to see
Giving women their due dignity,
To relate to them as to a sister
Use all our actions to uplift her.

Young men, crave, seek and long for these
Gifts of surpassing great themes.
For th’ soul to see beauty impregnated
In this world that God created
Must be worth a lifetime’s fight
So strive for this with all your might!

The road is long, the way is hard
But above all, your mind you must guard.
Do not give in to fleeting temptation
But strive only for God’s ovation,
Only there can satisfaction be found,
For indeed God’s beauty will astound.

‘Tis indeed a strange thing
To look at the sky and sing,
Yet when breathing brings euphoria
All ones being sings soli deo gloria.
Ah the happy life of one who’s free,
Possesses riches none can see.

So, men, stand to your feet
The eyes of God, earnestly seek.
This word from one brother to another
Exhorts you to God’s love discover,
By throwing off this vile thing
Known as ‘the man’s sin’

Licentiousness, lechery,
It hurts your soul eternally,
Do not dare to euphemise
This evil fled from by the wise,
Instead seek joy, seek life, seek hope,
To a pure man, they aren’t remote.

O but God deserves the final clause,
In all of this, he is our cause
To fight, to pant, to thirst and toil,
Knowing through it all, that he is loyal.
He’s our might, our strength, our sword
So in our vict’ry we crown him Lord.

[1] Romans 5:8 (NLT)

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