Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Shape of Reality

I wrote this poem nearly two weeks ago, while I was reading "The God Delusion" and got somewhat disillusioned about how to find truth. I find it annoying how it is so easy to make everything fit what you want to know. I don't really know what else to say about this poem, I just hope it speaks for itself:

Sitting here, alone with my thoughts,
Truth and lies my mind distorts.
O reality! So sweet yet so elusive,
I thirst and pant for something conclusive.

In love, her words fall on eager ears
That twist and warp to quell my fears,
Yet so quick am I to turn and cry
When her love they fail to imply.
Someone tell me just what to think!
Her words cause my soul to rise or sink.

In faith, there is so much to confuse,
Arguments many, none willing to loose.
Of justice and mercy, glory and grace,
The ultimate truth, can anyone trace?
All this long life my feeble mind
Will struggle and toil, this goal to find.

In the call to share, calamity reigns,
Told “go and speak,” my mind deigns.
Fear of man, though low and faithless
Weakens my knees at the wall called ‘witness’.
O Treacherous mind! That under noble banner
Exits the fray in disreputable manner.

In science, pride puffs up and destroys,
Objectivity tainted by scientist’s ploys.
Truth? Ha! I laugh at the notion.
Their heart is the root of their devotion.
They are the ones who make evidence speak
The words that they so desperately seek.

Where do I look? To whom do I turn?
To find deep truth, and reality learn.
Reason’s reach is still too short,
The heart will too readily distort,
O a mind needs some solid ground,
I thank God that this I have found!

‘Midst waves of reason and rhetoric
This one truth stands solid as brick,
The cross on which Christ was crucified,
The holy place where my saviour died.
This is the spring, with love overflowing,
My heart and mind rejoice at knowing.

‘Evidence!’ you cry, ‘I need evidence!’
But to your mind it’s of no consequence.
You can twist, warp, buckle and bend
Anything seen or said to your desired end,
Your mind is governed by your heart,
Affections’ a force you cannot depart.

The cross, my friend, is the shape of reality,
If you can come with true humility
You’ll find a God who fully satisfies
The heart and mind’s anguished cries.

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