Monday, October 1, 2007

A Life Well Spent

I started writing this poem back when there was that walk I talked about. It seems a bit unfinished, but I've kind of run out of steam on it. That said, I think it still works. Anyway you can decide for yourself.

A line in sand, though seen by some
Will soon be lost in times to come.
This truth must serve to turn the wise
To lift a flag that perpetually flies.
Each breath once breathed is time now gone,
Each day is only by the sun once shone,
Ticking clocks loudly proclaim
This world is but our brief domain.
What say you, soul! Will you now go
And in vain pleasure, all effort sow?
Of all the causes, standing in their ranks
Do not choose those on the flanks!
Life’s battle, with its long campaigns,
Changes men through peace and pains,
Alas! Purpose falls too often victim,
Lost, or bent past recognition.
The answer should no doubt be clear,
Choose a cause, and hold it dear.

The death-bed is the hallowed ground
Where one can hear the mournful sound,
The anguished cries of one who died
Now in torment for he never tried.
True, the dreaded failure passed him by,
But the price of victory seems far too high.
The desert life on which the sun now sets,
Is barren but for sandy rivulets,
Where’s the mountain? The valley?
It is but one great tragedy!
For just as sand is blown and tossed,
This mans mark will soon be lost.

But lo! See the lofty mountain range,
Rocks of men, who fought for change.
Feast on the sight of snow laden peaks,
Speaking out of their magnificent feats,
Names both now and forever remembered
Were all to their great causes surrendered.

Turn, look yonder, the future awaits,
As a blank page before the author narrates;
Tales of deeds, with power to inspire
In the depths of one’s being, a wind to the fire.
Generations down time’s long mazy road
Will sing of these days in a ponderous ode,
We, the living, have been entrusted its tone;
Whether they sing, or in sorrow bemoan.


Funnily enough Tim Challies has since posted an article that complements this on his blog

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