Sunday, November 4, 2007

Angry Atheists

This is going to be a decidedly rushed and haphazard post, containing little in the way of stimulating thoughts, sorry.

For some reason I found myself on youtube this evening and felt the desire to see a video of Alister McGrath debating someone. Really it was just because I had heard him debating in only audio and thought he had a 'unique' sounding voice, so I wanted to see the face that produced the voice. Anyway I stumbled across this debate between Alister McGrath and Christopher Hitchens (author of the book God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything). Anyway I was most amused by the comments at the bottom, where people got pretty worked up. It inspired me to write what I hope comes across as a funny poem:
It's strange to me that your biggest fiend
Is nothing more than 'an imaginary friend'
Why get your knickers in a twist
Over this thing that doesn't exist?
'Empirical evidence!' you say with a grin
As if the words will give you the win.
It's quite clearly unfinished, but you get the idea.

On another, related note, I found this response to Dawkins' The God Delusion by prominent Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga. I haven't fully read it yet, but I intend to. It seems quite good. I found this quote rather funny:
Now despite the fact that this book is mainly philosophy, Dawkins is not a philosopher (he's a biologist). Even taking this into account, however, much of the philosophy he purveys is at best jejune. You might say that some of his forays into philosophy are at best sophomoric, but that would be unfair to sophomores; the fact is (grade inflation aside), many of his arguments would receive a failing grade in a sophomore philosophy class.

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Righteous Bubba said...

That Plantinga quote is everywhere and is the only thing that people ever quote from that essay.

In other words, people are happy that someone says something bad about Dawkins but they let Plantinga do the heavy lifting because they're not that smart.