Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Things I Meant To Blog About But Didn't

It seems that November was a bit of a write-off in terms of blogging for me. I thought I’d have plenty of time to write stuff without the pressure of exams, but I was mistaken.

After my last exam on the 8th, I made it back to Hamilton fairly promptly, (after surviving my most harrowing hitch-hiking experience to date), had a few days off and then started work on the 14th. I’ve spent the last month re-orientating myself in my own house, or in other words wasting time. I’ve enjoyed catching up with friends, going wakeboarding without a wetsuit and eating meals in a quiet(ish) room, as opposed to an echoey dining hall. I’ve had a good month, albeit at the expense of you, my dear faithful readers.

Anyway, the fact that I haven’t written anything for nearly a month doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking. In fact, there are a number of things I planned on writing but for one reason or another didn’t. Some of them are:

A review of my first year away from home

It has been a big year for me. I went down to Otago in February hardly knowing anyone down there, and unsure how I would find my place in Dunedin’s student culture. I came back with many friends, some of whom I think will prove to be very good ones. I’ve been challenged in many ways, and am sure I have grown in a number of areas. Really there is a lot I can say about it, so much that I was daunted to write an article on it. The gist of it would have been that I enjoyed this year, though.

Comments on a Stupid Book

I had a flick through a book in a shop entitled 101 things you should do before going to Heaven. Even before looking inside I didn’t like it, and glancing through it only confirmed my suspicions that this is a book not worthy of the 30 dollars they were asking for. I don’t think ‘having a swing’ would be on Jesus’ to-do-list before returning to Heaven (aside from the fact that swings probably weren’t around then). Anyway, I guess its probably a bit harsh to have a big rant on a book I haven’t actually read.

On Not Having a Phone

I…ummm…misplaced my phone…*cough* in the washing machine *cough*. Besides being an unparalleled act of stupidity (though the guy in the shop nicely told me it is something he sees a lot), it meant I went about a week without a phone. The experience made me realise how much I use the phone and I wondered how I coped without it for so many years before I had one. I was going to write something so moving and impacting that you, my readers, would flock to join me on my ascetic journey of enlightenment, but I couldn’t be bothered.

Too Much Information!

There are more books available to us today than ever before. Most of these are pretty much rubbish. On the internet are millions (probably billions) of essays, articles and blog posts all clamouring for our attention. I get overwhelmed at how I’m supposed to choose what to read and listen to and what not to. I planned to write something more substantial on this line, but actually now I’m struggling to think what I would have written.

Dawkins Writing Kid’s Books!

I read a while back that Richard Dawkins is planning to write a childrens book. Yes, the Richard Dawkins of The God Delusion fame likes the idea of writing a book targetting kids. I actually think Dawkins would be a very good author of childrens books, and on many levels I am quite excited by this news. He says it is aimed at getting children to think critically for themselves, and not simply believe what their parents tell them. It seems that this is supposed to inspire fear deep in our Christian souls, given that it will sabotage our indoctrinating ways. To the contrary, I'll give a hearty 'Amen!' to a book exhorting children to think things through logically and rationally. The problem is that I suspect Dawkins will be pushing the idea that science is the answer to everything, and will not call into question the foundations it rests on. But I can't say too much without knowing more about what Dawkins has in mind.

Anyway, I just wrote this to prove to the world (and myself) that I haven't not been thinking for the last month. Admittedly I haven't been reading much for the last while, hence why there hasn't been any book reviews. Nor have I written any poetry, hence why there haven't been any poems up. I'm hoping to get back into writing more in the next little bit, but I'm not promising anything.

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