Friday, February 29, 2008

The Law Dilemma

This semester I have the joy of taking a paper entitled ‘Land Tenure Studies.’ Basically it’s a law paper dealing with concepts of land ownership and legislation, all good stuff.

The first few weeks, however, will be looking at more general ideas of how our government here in New Zealand is structured, and a bit of the philosophy behind it. This, although often boring when coming in lecture form, is really quite interesting to talk and debate about. We had a tutorial yesterday, where about 15 of us had a jolly good discussion about the whole thing.

But I left the room feeling somewhat saddened. The questions we were asked were things like: is the law effective at dealing with the crimes of students? And, is society actually improving as a result of the near constant changes in legislation? The group seemed pretty unanimous in asserting that no, the law doesn’t seem very effective at improving society, but couldn’t think what other systems would be more useful.

The sad part of this is that no one was willing to admit that perhaps the problem is not with the system, it is with us. Everyone can see what is wrong with society, but until we recognise that the problem lies first and foremost with us, I don’t think there can be much headway. What we need is not a more efficient and comprehensive legal system, but a mighty and merciful God.

However I'm aware I'm just sticking my head into a whole world of philosophy devoted to this stuff, a world I have no desire to immerse myself in. So I think I shall stop right there.

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