Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Marcus Will Be Remembered Like This

I had to write what I want put in the yearbook of last year's hall. It had to be in third person, and include some stuff that other people said about me (in a book put out at the end of last year). Anyway I tried to make it a bit funny, so I thought I'd post it here as well. Enjoy.

Name: Marcus Brown

Nicknames: Sharkey, Markey

House and Room: Blackie 1

Birthday: 3/07/87

From: Hamilton

Inseparable From: Settlers of Catan

After failing to make a reputation for himself on the drinking scene, Marcus had to resort to ingenious tactics to get his name known around Carrington. Most notably, Marcus turned to the dark under-world of board games, hitch-hiking and pool in an effort to compete with the licentious tales of drunken debauchery touted by his peers.

Though not overtly rebellious, Marcus' introduction of settlers to Blackie life slowly revolutionized hall life, and undermined the study efforts of not a few Carringtonians. Some would argue his involvement with board games and the infamous surveying 'maths club' makes him a geek. To such people Marcus has only one thing to say: "you'd better watch out or I'll put the robber on your wheat and cut out your six's and eight's."

After hitch-hiking from Dunedin back to Hamilton for the mid-semester break, including sleeping on a park bench in Picton, Marcus earned himself a degree of celebrity status. Such recognition evidently proved addictive, because he did the same mission for the next semester break, and hitched to Christchurch and back on a number of occasions. The ultimate in stupid-hitch-hiking-for-the
-sake-of-doing-something-stupid came at the end of the year (yes, during exams) when Marcus, together with David Lewis, decided to embark on a voyage of discovery, to find the mythical Rainbows Confectionery factory in Oamaru. The trip proved successful, and they returned with something in the realm of 10kg of lollies between them.

Marcus may also be remembered for being the 'M' in team JAMS, the informal Carrington pool team that competed weekly at The Bowler. Also including fellow Blackieites Joel and Scott, team JAMS steadily built up a small fortune in bar tab over the year, though the exact quantity of fluid was confused by the fact that the Bowler staff kept thinking Marcus was a sober driver and wouldn't let him get through his tab.

Marcus' success on the pool table also led to his most embarrasing moment, however, when he reached the upper echelons in the OUSA pool tournament. With a cash prize of $250 being awarded to the winner, and $150 going to the runner up, Marcus saw fit to choke on an easy 8 ball shot that would have seen him get into the finals. The '$100 shot' proved to be a bit much for Marcus, who will now have to wait another year to have another effort at fame and stardom.

Tui Slogan: Just buy lollies at the supermarket...Yeah Right!

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